Weslo Cadence R 5.2 review

The R 5.2 treadmill has amassed plenty of positive feedback from consumers on top online retail stores. We have conducted some research on it’s specifications to help you understand its design better.

As a model that is in the lower priced market, you’d be very surprised of the amount of value for money on offer, with some excellent exercise features and functionality designed to get you burning off those calories in no time.

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  • Inexpensive with a fantastic folding design to save space.
  • The tread belt is equipped with cushioning cell technology to limit the impact on your joints.
  • Mimic hill climbing using the built in incline settings. There are two different levels, each with a differing gradient.


  • While it is great for fast walking and a very light jog, it doesn’t quite posses the power and performance required for flat out running.


The design is quite basic, which is to be expected in a low budget treadmill. It shares plenty of similarities with the G 5.9. However, it does offer plenty of favorable features such as it’s ability to fold up and save space.

There is also the well cushioned running surface that will certainly reduce the amount of stress and pain your muscles and joints take whilst walking or jogging.

The belt is not the longest out there, however, it does measure a respectable sixteen by fifty inch deck which will be suitable for brisk jogging paces at the least. The importance in being able to spread your stride length out is often understated, and Weslo clearly address this issue on the R 5.2.

It operates on a 2.5 horse power motor which is excellent for walking and light jogging purposes, however, it will probably fall short of expectations should you wish to up the pace a bit. For that purpose, you may want something with more power like the Nautilus t614 or the Schwinn 830. Both offer some terrific features in their own right.

From what we gather from consumers, it appears to be reasonably durable and sturdy too, with people commenting on the frame and how it feels solid while exercising. However, in our experience with lower priced options, you don’t want to make assumptions and go overboard.

Exercise features

The standout workout features include the incline settings which can be adjusted to different degrees to built up the intensity, keep things challenging, and interesting.

Console and data tracking

The computer console and monitor has all the bells and whistles that are featured among it’s main competitors. Namely a nice and large LCD display, that will offer an insight into user performance data such as calories burned off, distance, and time.

A useful addition to the above is the built in training applications that focus on helping joggers achieve their weight loss goals. Each of these apps are controllable through the console and are specially designed to help you burn off fat and stay in shape.

What are consumers saying?

After going through several online stores and resources to find out more about consumer feedback, we find that it’s quite clear cut with the overwhelming majority rating it highly.

Some comments appreciate how simple it was to assemble, whilst others believe it offers great value for money.

The main negatives we picked out were more about the power generated than anything else, which comes down to motor performance. This is not a commercial gym option and shouldn’t be treated as such.


If we look at the R 5.2 treadmill as a cheap option, you can begin to understand how much quality is in the spec list. Ultimately, the folding design along with the incline and price tag make this machine a excellent home gym option.

Click here to read customer reviews and check for discounts