Weslo Pro 11.2x review

Recumbent exercise bikes provide a stable, comfortable way to workout, and none more so in the lower budget range than the Weslo Pro 11.2x. It has picked up plenty of positive ratings and opinions around the web that can be attributed to it’s modern design and excellent cycling functionality.

While on the outside, it does look plain, but appearances can be deceiving, and what we found in our research suggests it has all the makings of a bike that will work superbly in a home gym environment.

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  • Simple design that ensures stepping on and off the machine is relatively simple. People with joint issues, and senior citizens will perhaps appreciate this more than other forms of cardio.
  • Very affordable. In the grand scheme of things, this bike is surprisingly cheap. Don’t write this off as something that will fall apart easily either. It’s manufactured by Weslo, who have a history in this industry and great track record with plenty of positive feedback from consumers who’ve purchased previous models.
  • Quiet operation thanks to the magnetic style resistance.
  • Take note of your heart rate with the pulse grips located on the handles.
  • Easy to read computer display that has simple user interface and will display important exercise information.
  • Reasonably simple assembly. Less time spent putting it together, the more time spent cycling!


  • Does not include the amount of technology as pricier, top tier models.
  • When looking at consumer feedback, we found a complaint about a clicking noise coming from the peddles. However, this doesn’t appear to be something consistent in every model.


As mentioned previously, the design is very simple, and quite minimal. This isn’t something you should take as a negative, as companies that overreach in the technology department can sometimes forget the most important aspect which is the workout itself.

A step through design that is easy to sit down on and very accessible for most including people rehabilitating from injuries and people who have problems with high impact movements.

The handles are well placed to ensure riders are in a comfortable position when peddling while limiting the amount of stress your shoulders, wrists and arms take on board.

The seating has a sliding rail underneath, much like the Exerpeutic 4000, which enable riders to re position themselves closer or further away from the peddles, which will be fantastic news for households with plenty of differing leg lengths.

Two levelers at the front and back ensure weight is well distributed and balanced at the front and back. This also adds to the stability of the 11.2x recumbent bike. This is further highlighted by the recommended weight capacity of 250 pounds which is a fair bit less than the Vision Fitness R20 classic, but a fraction of the cost.

Exercise features

Weslo haven’t really gone above and beyond in its training functionality side of things. Instead, they have gone for a simple design that gets the job done for the majority of home gym users.

Electromagnetic tension will provide an excellent challenge nonetheless, and one can expect a solid workout that will have you pushing yourself to the limit, toning up the abdominal, and leg muscles.

Console and data tracking

Nothing really new in its tracking department. One can expect the usual options commonly found in many best selling recumbent bikes such as the Schwinn 270 and Nautilus R614.

This will include information on time distance, speed, and other important training factors that have an effect on user performance whilst cycling such as time taken to ride a specific distance.

Navigation is clear and simple, and text is easy to read, which makes user experience top class and effective.

What are consumers saying?

Upon looking further into what customers are saying about the 11.2x, we were impressed to say the least. There doesn’t appear to be much, if any negativity towards it at all. This can be put down to the amount on offer for the price. There is certainly appreciation being shown for how comfortable and easy to assemble it was.


We are of the opinion that the Weslo Pro 11.2x can provide a fantastic workout for a very affordable price. Good value isn’t something you find in every cardio product, yet yu do come across something every now and then that stands out. This is one of those times, with an effective design and some great functionality and specs.

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