Weslo pursuit 350 review

Those of you searching for something simple to workout on, the ease of operation, and ultimately a great cardio session, may enjoy what the Weslo Pursuit 350 has to offer.

Included within the specifications you will see smart tracking on the console to monitor speed and other key exercising data, along with adjustable resistance which can be altered to fit the users current fitness levels.

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After conducting in depth research into the specs of this exercise bike, we have come up with a list of good and bad to make your buying decisions easier. By looking at the design and the training capabilities, you will begin to get an understanding of how it matches up against its main upright bike competitors.

  • The first thing we noticed was the resistance offers a magnetic tension style which comes with the option to adjust it based on users current fitness ability. Go at a difficulty you feel most comfortable with, although we wouldn’t recommend going too easy on yourself, or you end up holding yourself back and with that, the results you can achieve.
  • The computer screen is green tinted and displays important reading that aid users in making sense of their current rides performance, and whether they have made steps forward with their stamina, or whether they are coming up short. The data that can be used includes but isn’t limited to distance, time, and speed. Which are all essentially the most important statistics, and something that can be used to highlight areas where you can strive to improve upon.
  • Transportation wheels are built onto the design which enables it to be highly mobile and easy to wheel in and out of storage should you need to.
  •  Reasonably compact, with listed dimensions of 22 inches by 53 inches by 36 inches – (Width x Height x Depth).
  • A steel frame will provide a sturdy base for day to day cardio training in the household.
  • Inexpensive, if you have budget limitations, this could be a great bike for your requirements.


  • Doesn’t include the same technology as some elading products like the ProForm 8.0 EX or the Schwinn 170. However, you can only expect so much from lower priced models.
  • Weight capacity of two hundred pounds does present problems to the heavier users. We do recommend our readers to weigh around fifty pounds less thean the recommendation as to not effect performance, so there may be limitations on who can use it, depending on your current weight.


The 350 is one of our favorite low budget models as it provides the right balance between features and value. For people not looking to splash out too much money on new gym equipment, this could be ideal for squeezing your cardio in with a busy schedule.